Saturday brought our 2nd Chopped dinner party into the realm of “its now a thing.” The hosts Justine and Ryan absolutely nailed the atmosphere, drinks, voting and main course. I thought there was no way the 2nd dinner would be as fun as the first…but obviously as you read was!

Chopped Mexican theme!

Here was the host’s message posted to our Facebook group: (here is how the Chopped Dinner Parties work click here)

Ashley and Maggie feelin it.


If you are getting this message it means that you weren’t eliminated in the first round, congratulations. It is my pleasure to invite you to the second night of CHOPPED!! Pardon the wall post, seems like the admins can manage to cook detectible veal and authentic bruschetta but cant figure out how to distribute the authority on facebook. Technology wins again.

If you couldn’t tell from the greeting, Saturday’s theme will be Mexican!! Woot! We’re going for authentic, like the real stuff, like Taco Truck vs Taco Bell. I’m talking border patrol circling the house because the food is so authentic they think its illegaly immigrated!! So pull out the ponchos and take back some tequila! We’re gettin wilder that a spring break wet t-shirt contest!!

The rules are the same as last time. You must use 3 ingredients from the list of 8. Feel free to use all of them but you MUST use 3.

So, here are your ingredients:

  • coconut milk
  • goat cheese
  • sweet potato
  • cocoa
  • corn husks
  • eggplant
  • ceylon
  • serranos

chop chop!

Very excited that all of you are cumin over!!

The hosts presenting their meal -Mexican mole'

The guests prepared everything from tater tots (me) to quesadillas to cowboy caviar. Drinks included sangria and tequila shots. Desserts turned out to be the real winners of the night.

Tomorrow we will announce the winner and post recipes.

Surprises abound…two birthdays in the house! Ill let the pictures do the talking for the night.

Surprise birthday dessert for Brie and Dani.