As Ashley preps dinner, I went ahead and made another antipasto inspired by my favorite ‘man’ chef Gordon Ramsay. I first saw this Gordon Ramsay video for marinated mushrooms a couple months back. So earlier today when I was walking through Pike Place market I bought fresh Oregon Maitake mushrooms and button mushrooms from Franks Produce. I simply heated a sauce pan with extra virgin olive oil and two cloves of garlic. When the oil started to ever so lightly put off a little heat I threw in both mushrooms (about a handful). I did the awesome saute flip that you see on every cooking show and then dropped in a pat of butter followed by 3 leaves of sage and I stick of thyme. Finally reducing with white wine vinegar. I pulled out the sage and thyme and poured into my serving vessel aka a white bowl. Topped it all off with fresh arugula. Sauteed Mushrooms a la Pike Place market…DONE!

Cooking/ prep time 7 minutes. Sauteed mushrooms done!