4th of July fell on an awkward Wednesday this year (obviously). I headed to SF for a wedding and Ash headed to Vegas…but we did spend the 4th together.

Bone In Ribeye. Lake Union 4th of July 2012

I have a new love, bone in rib eye. I think it is the perfect combination of a lot of different meats/ steaks i.e. Prime Rib, ribs…etc (just my opinion). Last week after getting my haircut at Raven’s in Capital Hill I walked around the corner and found Melrose Market, Awesome! I have been to Taylor Shellfish many times but for whatever reason never ventured next door. Wow, big mistake! They have an awesome butcher shop called Rain Shadow meats. As I looked through the glass I noticed a cut of meat called a Bone in rib-eye. At first I was going to buy a porter house steak but something was telling me…bone-in ribeye would be great. So I bought it. About 2.4 ish pounds for one cut came out to $36ish dollars.

Later that day we headed to the boat to watch the fireworks from Lake Union.

Up close shot of Bone-in Ribeye

I simply salt, peppered and the lightest of pinch of truffle salted the steak. I placed onto a low-low-medium heated grill and cooked each side for 10 minutes. Here is how the grill time worked aka awesome part. After 5 minutes…I splashed the steak with Worcestershire sauce and placed a pad of butter onto the steak and let cook for 5 more minutes. Then flipped the steak and did the above again. The total cooking time was exactly 20 minutes for a medium-rare steak. The key is to let the steak sit off the grill for about 5 to 8 minutes to let the juices do their thing.

Just a great cut of beef: bone’n!

This is the second time I cooked bone in rib eye. And its just a show stopper.