We came in 4th and I decided to start eating a little more healthy…I am on day 3. I do not know how our sailing crew feels…but I promise to make them hotdogs next week. This week however I decided to make awesome ALL-star chicken and turn them into lettuce wraps. The thing about ALL-star chicken is I can not share the recipe. Just know that it is marinated in a teriyaki  type sauce for about 4 hours. The other thing about ALL-star chicken is that I let it cook…and cook for pretty long…which is probably not the best way to grill chicken but I rather make sure its done. I BBQ-ed boneless skinless thighs (dark meat) and chicken breast tenders (white meat). Cooking time was roughly 25 minutes. Basically 15 minutes on one side and 10 on the other. Marinating ALL-star chicken is what keeps the flavor and reduces the actual burning/ drying out. I used a medium heat on a small Sea B Que.

On rare occasion…Ash sits next to me 🙂


Grilling that ALL-star chicken on our 6th race of the season.


Lettuce wrapped ALL-star chicken


Ash is still recovering from Vegas.