Well I did it. You can read about my attempts here, here and here. Finally on the 4th try I figured it out. I have been shying away from using a secret ingrident…I learned that bechamel is not a cheese and what making a roux is. Before I tell you what the secret ingrident is, you have to know…I DID NOT believe that you needed this ingrident to make AWESOME mac and cheese…but a las you do! Velveeta! Here are the rough ratios…

What I used

1/2 classic Velveeta
1/4 Havarti
1/4 coastal cheddar

You need to either make a bechamel base or a roux. I use a whole stick of butter fyi…melted down then add flour till it lightly thickens up. Next add one of those small containers of heavy whipping cream. As the sauce gets harder just had 1% milk. Now, slowly add the cheese while stirring constantly. Add milk as necessary. Let the consistency be your guide.

At this point I added a pinch of truffle salt, pepper (just under a teaspoon) and paprika/ cayenne (a pinch)

Shells work best. Boil in a separate pot. While they are still slightly under cooked drain the water and pour the cheese sauce in. Mix around for about 1 to 2 minutes.

The best mac and cheese ever!

And there you have it

I think I am going to try a Paleo diet for the next couple weeks.

Have a great weekend.