Every now and then I get the motivation out of now where to make something…and I typically nail it (see Prime Rib, Ribs, this and that). However lately I have been trying to make the most perfect mac and cheese and failing. DO not worry…I still eat my attempts as does Ash (she keeps saying its good) but I know better!

Last night after wrapping our House Hunters shoot. I was in the mood to attempt mac and cheese for the third time. Ash told me I needed Bechamel cheese! I drive over to Whole Foods and ask the cheese monger for Bechamel cheese. He says, “there is no such thing.” I do not believe him…”come on, this is Whole Foods you got to have Bechamel cheese,” I answered back. The guy was hella nice and called back to the dairy department asking for Bechamel cheese.

Ash calls me…”MARK!!! Bechamel is not a cheese its a type of sauce, sorry bub! Love you!”

Me: Uhhhh, thanks.

Cheese Monger turns around…”Bechamel is a sauce which is basically like a roux….”

Cheeses from Whole Foods.

I get it. So thinking back to my other attempts here and here. I figure I am going to use heavy whipping cream with 1 percent milk with butter and flour to make the bechamel/ roux base.

I also bought already shredded white mild cheddar cheese and a hollandse cream style cheese.

I heated the roux/ bechamel and added the shredded cheeses and boiled the pasta shells.


Everything seemed perfect. And this attempt did taste better. A solid 7 on a 10 point scale.

Will try again soon. I’m mac and cheesed out right.

My 3rd attempt at Mac and Cheese.