Never thought I would make a Chicken Quesadilla

Title says it all.

Lately I have been working out (started yesterday). And so today when I got to our building’s gym, I used the elliptical torture device. I wrapped up that routine in about 30 minutes. When I got upstairs to our place all we had was thin sliced chicken breast, onions, tomatoes and tortillas.

Ash has been the quesadilla maker in our lives and for whatever reason I never like to order quesadillas in restaurants. Today we are going to Foster the People (ash bought the tickets back in Jan) and so I prepared onions and chicken. Then Ash said…make a quesadilla. Uhhhhh damn it! So I did 🙂 It was awesome. No joke. Probably will not make another quesadilla till the next time there is a Foster the People concert and thin sliced chicken breast, onions and tomatoes in the fridge.