I nailed it (Prime Rib)! First let me say this post is more of a technique than an actual recipe…but you should get the general gist of how to be successful with cooking a prime rib.

Last Sunday I prepared Filet Mignon which is my favorite cut of beef…but for whatever reason I screwed up its searing and the filets turned out to be HUGE waste of taste, money and time. When I was traveling around the country with Ash for our honeymoon, one of our stops was Cody, Wyoming. Two things you should know about Cody…1) the cowboy is still very much alive and 2) they love their Prime Rib.

Though I never prepared prime rib ever, I just felt I knew I would need to nail it…since in our family my brother Dan claims to be a prime rib connoisseur and I wanted to recover from my flop from last weekend cooking beef.

On Saturday afternoon I went to Costco and bought a 5.5 pound Prime Rib Eye Roast for about $49.

I decided to cook this for all to see in the middle of Seattle aka my parents condo on 4th Ave. For those that do not know…my family is extremely hard to cook around/ with; and if you add my older brother to the mix forget it. You better be sure you know what you are cooking and how your going to cook it because they (family) all have an opinion 8)

Lit my cigar...just watching the temperature

Here we go…

First I heated the new radiant heat BBQ my dad bought to between 350 degrees to 400 degrees.

Next I trimmed about 80% of the fat from the top of the roast. Then in a seperate bowl I combined a bunch of spices to make a dry rub including: salt, lemon pepper, garlic, all spice, Italian herbs, sumac, onion powder, McCormick’s steak seasoning and the tiniest pinch of turmeric. Basically, whatever you want for a dry rub just no oil or butter (trust me).

I folded a quick tray from 4 sheets of tin foil and placed the roast on the tray.  Then I inserted a meat thermometer into the direct center of the roast and placed onto the grill.

I lit my cigar. And made quick trips to watch the Sounders play San Jose.

Here is what I think cooking prime rib is all about…basically…its about 12 to 15 minutes per pound OR until the temperature in the middle of the roast reaches 115/120 degrees. In my case the cooking time was just 1 hour and 30 minutes…but then here is the key part…once you pull the roast from the grill…quickly and loosely cover with tinfoil for exactly 18 minutes! <– you have to wait this out…the roast is still cooking for another 5 to 10 degrees bringing it to the perfect medium – RARE.

Prime Rib roast 1/2 inch slices

Uncover and cut into roughly 1/2 inch slices. At 5.5 pounds you could easily feed 5 – 6 hungry people.

I made a little horseradish/ dijon mustard sauce.

I would have made an au jus sauce but the drippings from the roast sufficed this time. Next time definitely will.

Nailed it! Prime Rib from Costco...done!

The worst part about the prime rib roast was that Ashley, which was my inspiration was actually at a male choir concert, so she never got to experience the greatness!