We came home tonight with no plans for dinner (I blame my pre-tax chores that have been on my mind all day!)…SO we had a mini survival/chopped course tonight using the best picks from the fridge reserves :0) The ingredients ARE…

You can really estimate all the ingredient portions pretty easily- just use your instincts, you can’t mess this up!

Heat your pan with olive oil and add the garlic and shallots.  When the shallots are translucent, add the brussel sprouts, a little more olive oil or white wine vinegar if needed and salt/pepper.  Cover the pan with a lid leaving a little crack and stir frequently.

Meanwhile, prepare the raviolis.  I had never made raviolis before so I followed the directions on the package…pretty easy- just make sure to turn the heat down when adding the raviolis so that they don’t burst while boiling.  They puff up when they are close to being done.

Drain the raviolis and plate them…then add the brussel sprout mixture on top.  We topped the dish with a little parmigiano reggiano – yum!!  Very light, yet filling!

Cook time 10 - 12 minutes Brussel Sprouts, Shallots & Pancetta over Wild Mushroom Ravioli