Since picking up A Moveable Feast yesterday I quickly learned that Hemingway loved Paris and Oysters! So when Ash picked me up from work today she said,  “what do you want to eat?” I responded,  “lets go to Taylor Shellfish on Melrose.” As we drove up to Capital Hill it started snowing (again) and luckily Ashley got a parking spot right in front (if you don’t know Ashley…she always gets the best parking spots). We walked right into Taylor on Melrose and loved the half market/ half casual dining experience. Right away we saw the bins of oysters with circulating water, LARGE live dungeness crabs, live lobsters, fresh/live clams and a lot of other little things from the Sea.

@tayloratmelrose with Ash and a dozen friends.

Quickly consuming 2 dozen oysters from all over the Puget Sound our stomachs were not quite full. So we bought manila clams! FYI…learned something new …your not suppose to fully seal the bag or twist the bag shut with live clams (already forgot the reason).

We get home and head straight for the pots and pans and began by boiling lightly salted water for the linguini. Rule #1 when I cook with Ashley…pour her a glass of wine…it just eases the tension when there are two cooks in the kitchen 😎 We heated a saute pan with extra virgin olive oil, two cloves of garlic through the garlic press, two twigs of thyme, 4 leafs of sage (my confidence with the saute pan has grown since Sunday). When the pan got ever so slightly hot we put the clams in and covered with a lid…as the clams opened up I gave the pan a couple splashes of white wine vinegar and a pat of butter. I hit the clams and sauce with a little truffle salt and fresh ground pepper and let the sauce reduce. After about 1 min I poured in a little heavy cream to thicken up the sauce….waited 2 more min on a medium heat…clams with white sauce…done!

Looks good! Tasted better 🙂 Thanks sous chef. Where was Jack?

Ash sauteed a couple green beans and strained the linguini.

She plated.

We ate.

She drank more wine 😎

Tuesday night…Taylored Linguini…DONE!

Tuesday night...Taylored Linguini...DONE!