Every year a small group of loyal fisherman friends get together and head east to go fishing. This year we decided no women…last year they were bored when all we did was fish…needless to say it got weird. This year was simple…FISHING period.

We ate fish.

Sure we ate burgers, hotdogs, burritos and french fries; but the real meal was trout. I really want to share our location where we have been going for the past 4 years so I will just say its in easten Washington outside of Leavenworth.

Trout caught in the lake behind cabin. Gutted.

Prior to heading out I watched and researched several ways on how to cook trout. Everything from grilling to baking and even cooking over the campfire (FYI we did them all). But today I am going to focus on what I thought was the best technique…FRYING!

Besides gutting the fish (thanks Daniel), frying was pretty easy. With Daniel’s help we prepared the fish two ways. 1) Flour and Corn meal and 2) beer battered.

For the flour and cornmeal…simply dry the fish off add a few spices to the flour and corn meal, dust the trout.

The beer batter recipe was in my opnion was better and more fun. For whatever reason we always buy Keystone when we go and this year was no exception. So we used Keystone. Simply take the corn meal and flour, add an egg and stir in the beer. The mixture should be almost a pancake batter like consistency.

Trout two ways 1) fried 2) Keystone trout (the one with more crust)

For both methods which we cooked at the same time…we used Corn oil. The trick is not to let the oil boil. Once the oil is hot enough place the trout in the pot. Let the trout cook for about 14 to 18 minutes. FYI I would much rather have it over done.