Ever since Mr. Hayes gave me a cast iron skillet, I have been preparing awesome meats. On the other hand Ash has seriously freaked out every time I say I am going to use the skillet. She claims it makes a mess. I am just excited to be cooking on a gas range versus electric 🙂

Filet Mignon in skillet

First you should make a compound butter. Make sure your butter is at roughly room temperature or just enough so that you can mix in some chipolatas, shallots and parsley (that is what I used).

Here is how to prepare a filet Mignon (from Costco) in a skillet.

1) Lightly salt, pepper and whatever spices you want on to all the sides of your filet.

2) Wrap the filet in a nicely smoked bacon. (BB-Ranch in Pike Place)

3) Heat the cast iron skillet till its hot. You will know when it is hot.

4) Place the filet in the skillet and sear all sides for about 2 minutes per.

5) Add the compound butter so it melts all over the steak.

6) Reduce the heat and let cook for maybe another minute. Use a meat thermometer medium-rare is about 120 degrees

7) Let the steak rest for about 5 minutes.

You can remove the bacon if you want to be fancy. Or just eat it. I also added thyme and rosemary for the hell of it.


The fire alarm went off only once 😎