Well, today was an eventful day…poor Jack managed to lodge something in his eye last night so this morning we woke to a One-eyed Jack (aaaarrrrhh! pirate-style).

Its that simple.

So putting on the neurotic “mother” hat, I decided to take him into the vet this evening.  They flushed his eye, gave him some ointment and then asked to update his vaccines.  With a little hesitation, I agreed (why not? if he needs them, he needs them) and we were on our way.

When we got home, One-eyed Jack took a turn for the worse (not going to go into gross details, I don’t want to embarrass him), so we rushed to the Pet ER on Stone Way.  Turns out, he had an allergic reaction to the vaccines!  Poor little guy!!  They gave him some fluids, Benadryl and sent us home…although he is a little out of it, he is doing much better. Phew.


So needless to say, we didn’t have much time for dinner tonight but I (Pinterest inspired) did come up with an easy late-night snack using the leftover raspberries from Sunday’s Costco trip, mint from my parent’s herb garden, milk chocolate Ghirardelli chips and a dash of salt.

Keeping it simple for a rather chaotic day!