In celebration of the wonderful weather we are having, Maggie and I thought we would try our luck at the grill tonight.  We wanted to keep it light so we made iceberg wedge salads with grilled chicken and shrimp.

A simple grilled chicken Sunday.

I tend to overcook my chicken because I have a fear of under-cooking and killing myself (and others)…but I think we finally nailed it.

First, take 2-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and put them in a 1 gallon plastic zip-lock bag.  Take a meat tenderizer and tenderize/flatten the chicken out until it is about .75″ to 1″ thick….VERY IMPORTANT!

Open the bag and lightly coat the chicken inside the bag with a thin dusting of garlic powder, fresh black pepper and Montreal steak seasoning on both sides.  Then add a pinch of sea salt & red chili flakes on both sides for an added kick.  I also lightly sprayed each side with oil- a little goes a long way so no need for overdoing it.

I had some leftover shrimp so Maggie decided to dress them up and BBQ them too.  She seasoned the shrimp in another 1 gallon bag with similar seasonings listed above but added a bit of lemon…

Our grill is located on the 2nd floor amenity level so after we prepared our salads, we headed down with the chicken and shrimp.  We ignited 4 burners and closed the lid until the grill reached 300 degrees.  Then put the chicken breasts in the middle of the heat and the shrimp in a foil-boat off to the side (just warming them up because they were already cooked).

We closed the lid and waited for about 7 minutes, then flipped the chicken.  Waited for about 7 more minutes and then tested the middle to make sure it was done.  PERFECTION with beautiful grill marks too… :0)

Now that we have a grill, Mark and I decided to sign up for the Grilling 101 class at Le Cordon Bleu.  Should be a good time and looking forward to more summer dinners on the patio!