It was a bitter but really sweet weekend. First we did the Passport to Woodinville which is always fun and we did it in Party bus style (no sense in getting 10 to 12 people in an out of limo…always opt for the bus:) And while Passport is fun it really just isn’t the same with out visiting the actual wineries i.e. JM, Delille…etc. who seemed to have opted out for the past year or so. They obviously have their reasons. Anyways this post is not about Passport weekend, this post is about the coming days, weeks, months ahead.

Mark and Ashley's loft June 2011 to April 2012. We turned our key's in today.

So we moved last week…from Pioneer Square to Mid-town Seattle…and I can report we are settled. I do credit our Pioneer Square loft with allowing us to explore some quirky aspects of interior design and obviously cooking and hosting parties…but overall we are ready for a gas range (which we now have:) and a garbage shoot (HUGE addition)!

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Have a great Sunday!

Jack signaling to Ash he is ready to start cooking. (FYI...he got a lion's cut haircut:)