Vive la France!

Bonjour mes bons amis! Le samedi soir, vous etes invites a notre maison!

Saturday’s theme is French! Think Julia Childs and A LOT of Pepe Le Pew. The dinner will start Parisian time (late)!

Every Chopped Dinner Party so far has been flawlessly executed by the hosts aka winning team, so Ash and I have a lot to live up to. And since this is the first and last REAL dinner party at our loft in Pioneer Square we plan to make this special night memorable. Think outdoor terrace in Le Marais…with a lot of moving boxes!

The rules are the same as last time (below). You must use 3 ingredients from the list of 8. Feel free to use all of them but you MUST use 3.

  • Wheat flour
  • NW Oysters
  • Bacon – Lard maigre
  • Anchovy – Anchois
  • Crème Fraiche
  • Anise – Anis
  • Fresh Cheese –Fromage blanc
  • Beets – Betteraves

Here are the rules on How to Throw a Chopped Dinner Party