This past Saturday my brother and I teamed up to prepare a  prime rib, here is how it went down.*** First, we chose a Divine Hereford Ranch Prime Rib (bone in even though the ad did not indicate so). We used about 10 different seasonings in our dry rub with absolutely no measuring, just what we felt it needed. I used a spoon for dispersing the rub, Mark spread it around and mashed it in evenly. I pre-heated the bbq and we placed the rib in.

Friday was my birthday so Mark and Poppa had some special cigars for us to enjoy in the back yard. I don’t remember the name but they were sweet, dark & short. We lit up our stogies and monitored the rib’s temp. The first 30 minutes went by as planned and couldn’t be more perfect. At about the 40 minute mark we started to run into some problems. We took internal temp readings from several different locations and none were the same. I know my bbq’er isn’t the best but I’ve never had an issue like this before. Both of us began getting frustrated with the inconsistent readings because they couldn’t be true with how long the rib was on. With dad in our ear giving us instruction, an out of whack thermometer & over 20 family/friends waiting the last thing we wanted was to burn the rib! So we took it off, wrapped it and let it sit for 18 minutes.

After cutting it was evident that the rib was rare/medium rare. Only the end pieces were cooked properly. The rub we concocted was spot on! The two things I took away from this experience are, digital thermometers suck and the cigar I enjoyed was awesome! Oh, by the way I quickly placed the most perfectly cut and cooked slice of prime rib on a plate and gave it to my brother Dan. Believe me when I tell you that we wouldn’t have heard the end of it otherwise:)

***this is a guest post by my older brother Enif Michael. Happy Birthday E! Thanks for the support/ post!

Enif and I BBQing a prime rib in West Richland.