Salmon! Simply put there is no better way to entertain out of town clients at home then cooking them local Northwest food. To me the only real way to cook Salmon is to BBQ it. While this method is not always as easy to do, I went for it aka NAILED IT! Here is my most honest approach to how to BBQ the most perfect salmon.

Tin foil wrapped Salmon * do not have to close the top of the canoe.

Rule #1 the Salmon has got to be WILD! I bought two line caught King Salmon from Jack’s Fish Spot (my local fishmonger) in Pike Place Market, he let me know they were caught off the coast of Neah Bay.  I asked Jack to filet with the head off and skin on (its just easier this way).

Next, I took tin foil and rolled out four, 2ft sheets and folded into canoes (that’s the only thing I can think that they look like). I seasoned the salmon with pepper, rock salt, sumac, lemon, paprika, parsley flakes, garlic powder and finally the smallest knife tip pinch of curry per salmon. With the aforementioned ingredients I literally lightly dusted each salmon accordingly. Now here is my second rule…butter! Butter just greatly enhances the flavor and to mask the butter I simply hide a small pat of butter under each lemon slice 🙂

These salmon were for a very important international client so besides making my signature caprese, my mom made awesome Persian rice, we also bought tabbouleh salad from Costco; oh yeah and a lot of washington wine…both red and white (many from Garagiste).

My Dad sitting at the head of the table

My business partner (Daniel) and I first heated the gas BBQ to 400 degrees, once the grill reached the desired temp I simply put each salmon wrapped in tin-foil onto the grill. We cooked the salmon for 20 minutes exactly…but quick FYI…we would open the lid of the grill every 5 minutes for 1 minute to bring the temperature down.

Rule 4…a great back drop helps with the dinner presentation. In my case my parents let us host at the wine cave in their condo (Escala). Thanks Mom and Dad.

Needless to say our Salmon dinner turned out great.

Million dollar salmon…done!


a Seattle dinner for a out of town client