I enjoy Seattle in the winter time. Do not get me wrong our summers beat the rest of the world in terms of sheer awesomeness but none the less every restaurant, hotel, bar and shop in Pike Place is filled with tourists. During the winter months the market is overcast and the streets are virtually empty; Ash and I grab a bottle of wine from the upstairs market at DeLaurenti and head over to Jack’s Fish Spot from about 2pm till whenever Jack decides to close. Since we are normally in a mad dash to just buy wine we never stopped to look around…till this past weekend.

Lobster Ravioli from DeLaurenti Seattle/ Pike Place

Lobster Ravioli from DeLaurenti Seattle/ Pike Place

Ash’s parents Mr./ Mrs. Hayes were in town this past weekend and while walking around the bustling pike place summer market we stopped in to DeLaurentis.  DeLaurenti had a alot of artisan stuff from a wide range of olive oils to meats, cheese, spicies, canned goods…etc. I have literally been in DeLaurenti’s about 100x over the past 10 years and since I was always running to the top floor to buy wine I never bothered with the downstairs section (its great).

Anyways…so Ash and I started talking and there was a section for fresh made pastas. We decided to make the Lobster Ravioli. We could have probably made our own raviolis and will in a later post.

But for the those people at home who just bought pre-made raviolis…

1) Pull raviolis from fridge and let sit till about room temperature

2) Simmer SALTED water

3) Add a couple dashes of olive oil.

4) Place raviolis in simmering hot water for about 5 minutes

5) Lightly stir the simmering water so the raviolis do not stick to bottom

Cooked Lobster Ravioli w/ Alfredo saffron sauce.

Cooked Lobster Ravioli w/ Alfredo saffron sauce.

Now the sauce part…

Ash made an awesome Alfredo with saffron sauce. She will post on that soon 🙂