Since moving to Seattle, every year I  head back to Tri-Cities to spend the Thanksgiving break with my older brother and my nephews. A LOT of traditions from Thanksgiving Super Bowl (nephew v. nephew with an quarterback draft prior to game) to heading over to Atomic Ales to fill up growlers…but this year was different and I would say more EPIC because my wife Ashley came with too 🙂 What a relief! It was just a great feeling having her with me the entire time…while she did watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and sip mimosas (all weekend) I reluctantly watched football with breaks to play with Nerf guns with my nephews. In the end our Thanksgiving spread prepped by my aunt Bendo was perfect…nothing weird to report however we do have rice with our Turkey 🙂

On Friday when I was looking for Gin, I opened the freezer in the garage to find it jam packed with meats! I asked my brother what the deal was…turns out he partnered on a Angus Cattle from Knutzen. I asked for what he thought was the best cut from his share and he gave me two bone in Rib-eyes.

During the drive back I decided to prepare the steaks in a calm environment aka not my Dad’s BBQ.

Here is how I did it…

1) salt and peppered the steak adding the tiniest pinch of paprika

2) I got the gas BBQ hot (about 700 degrees)

3) Placed the steak on the grill for about 3.5 minutes per side

4) then I rotated to add the cross-cut marks for another 1.5 minutes per side

5) I dashed each steak with Worcestershire sauce and painted butter on each

6) removed from grill and let sit for 5 minutes

I ate my steak with a bread cutting knife 🙂

Thanks E!