I came home for lunch today. Normally my business partner and I go to lunch together…but he is Mexico. Since I have been getting up earlier to workout (today I played tennis) I still wanted eggs at 2:30pm.

Before my business partner left he gave me a bag filled with all kinds of stuff from his vegetable/ herb garden from chives to edible flowers. On top of that our VP of Sales has chickens running around so he gave me farm fresh eggs called “Mrs. Chickens Farm fresh eggs.” Definitely making eggs.

I decided to get awesome with eggs.

My first preparation. I called it “poached egg.”

I stopped by Dahlia bakery and grabbed a fecille baguette. I sliced some dates, strawberries and sauteed a little spinach with mushrooms. Added a few chives on top,rachero cheese on the side and drizzled cacique crema mexicana. The eggs is obviously poached.

For my next preparation I did a classic hard boiled egg. Almost everything is the same except I did not use spinach and used lettuce instead. I also added the edible flower (lemon thyme).

Hard boiled egg.