Today starts Ash and I’s forth racing Season with the Tipsy Gypsy on Lake Union. The sailboat we race along with a crew of 6 to 19 (tonight) is a Soverel 33′ captained by Wendell. Every Tuesday between now and Sept we race. Rain or shine we race. We have met several friends, brought clients and partied many of nights aboard the Typsy Gypsy. If you know us pretty well you have undoubtedly seen the custom neon sign the crew bought Ashley and I hanging in our living room/ kitchen.

Tonight’s Duck Dodge theme was Mustache, Wig and Funky Facial Hair

Since this is my 4th year I can admit that I still do not know how to sail at all…but my duty on board is cooking. And I love it. I man our Sea-BQue and Ash acts as the sous chef preparing the final grilled items perfectly.

At the end of every race…sailboats all tie up in a “raft up.”

Tonight we had Sliders! The only time I ever leave the office before 5pm is on Tuesday’s during racing season. When I left the office today I walked by Dahlia Bakery and just had to by these rolls which sit right on the counter (I’m drawing a blank) but they just look perfect for sliders (you’ll know if  you go).

Getting ready to grill Duck Dodge May 15, 2012 Sliders with a Hotdog

We picked up Maggie, my brother, his friend and Daniel my business partner and headed to QFC in Lower Queen Anne. The awesome guy in the meat department said he could put together 19 slider patties for me…and he did in under 10 minutes! We bought lettuce, condiments, cheese and onions.

We also bought 20 hotdogs since 19 sliders was not going to be enough for the hungry crew.

We placed 5th out of 50+ boats. We always place 5th…except when we place 3rd (three times) or 1st (one time).

Grilling on the boat presents a lot of challenges from wind to rocking but no one seems to notice and always is appreciative of what Ash and I prepare…I would not have it any other way 🙂

***this is the first of many posts related to cooking on sailboat/ Duck Dodge racing season foods 8-)…I know what I have to write/ do for the next one 😎