Yeah you heard that right…beer can chicken. In my case Schmidt’s Beer can chicken.

I used Schmidt’s…just felt right.

My older brother has been BBQing this for the past couple years and I have always wanted to try but just never did.

This is my older brother’s take on Beer can chicken…he used Miller Lite and Bud Light.

With the weather heating up in Seattle…our classic Monday night soups are basically done. So I opened the top of a beer with a can opener, poured out half and ramped it up the chicken’s ass.

Here is the dry rub I used for the chicken…salt, black pepper, chilli powder, paprika, garlic powder, lil cumin, onion powder, mustard powder, lil curry and a lil ground cayenne.

Dry rub on the chicken, beer can up the ass.

Heat up the BBQ between 250 to 350 degrees. Place the chicken on the grill (it will balance do not worry). It took about 1 hr and 15 minutes for our chicken to cook. The internal temperature should be right around 165 degrees to play it safe.

Removing the chicken from the grill is a little tricky so here is was I did…with tongs I held the bottom of the beer can, while my Dad pulled the off the can. Done!

You will hardly taste the beer and will notice  the chicken is just the right juiciness.

Ash made a cowboy caviar salad 🙂 She thinks it was a corn salad 🙂

FYI she is now making Vanilla with Apricot cream cupcakes!

1 hour and 15 minutes later…