Mark has been asking me to make popcorn now for about a week so last night I caved.  We have been experimenting a bit with truffle salt and honey, which Mark purchased at the Seattle Caviar Company, so I thought I would try something new- Truffle Parmesan Popcorn & Honey Truffle Popcorn!

To make the Truffle Parmesan Popcorn, you will need…

– Popped popcorn using my stove-top recipe
– 2 tbsp of butter, melted
– Truffle salt, to taste
– Garlic powder, to taste (just a tad goes a long way)
– Sea Salt, to taste
– Parmesan cheese, finely grated to taste

Truffle Salt from Seattle Caviar company

You can either melt the butter and add the seasonings to the butter before coating the popcorn OR coat the popcorn with the butter first and then season to taste.  I find that seasoning after the butter allows for a more even coat.  Add the cheese and enjoy!

For the Honey Truffle Popcorn, you will need…

– Popped popcorn, using my stove-top recipe
– 2 1/2 tbsp of butter, melted
– 1/2 tsp truffle honey
– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
– 1 tbsp honey
– sea salt, to taste

Truffle Honey from Seattle Caviar company

For this one, you will definitely want to add the honey(s) and vanilla into the melted butter prior to coating the popcorn so that everything is mixed together.  Spread over the popcorn and salt to taste! Mark and I had personal bowls of popcorn while we watched Adventures of Tin Tin :0) …. I went for the Honey Truffle and then Mark gladly ate the Truffle Parmesan – YUM!!