Well when I sat down to write this post I was going to title this “Poached Mozzarella,” however poached mozzarella already seems like a real thing (based on a 1 second Google search šŸ˜Ž

I first learned about cheese balls about 3 years ago when my college buddy brought one over for a super bowl party…he ate it himself.

This plate was made with the same Mozzarella (Madara from Trader Joe’s upper Queen Anne) as my classic Seattle caprese . Hey cheese balls (husband trying to impress their wives…me included) this recipe is for us…

1) simply dry off the mozzarella ball
2) place ball in the middle of a SOLID white bowl or plate
3)Ā  drizzle EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil)
4) a pinch of sea salt
5) a couple turns of fresh cracked pepper


Cheese ball recipe...seriously