Wine log: Sunday 4:34pm PST Seattle, WA (Overcast and Rainy)
Patrons: Ashley and Mark…Jack walking around in background
Background Music: GOODSOUL Studio playlist

Initial First Sip impression…
Smell – Dusty (both of us agree)
Taste – Lite tartness w/ slight fruit (Ash) / Lite tart fruit w/ Hawaiian punch sweet (Mark)

2nd Sip…
On the nose – Less dusty, more complex with notes of floral possibly rose pedals.
Swallows easy, still tartness, more full after taste.

3rd Taste…
Lite in color via the pour (Mark)
Smooth Pinot Noir taste (Ash)
Taste reminds me of Big League Chew bubble gum (Mark)

-Slight disagreement between tastings about rules-

4th Taste…
Ash frozen on tasting notes.

Tasting is falling apart…not even 1/3 through the bottle.

Still nothing…awkward silence…2 minutes…

Ash says smiling, “this is a very boring tasting.”

Clicking noise with mouth from Ash…Jack left the room.

It is now 4:56pm PST.

Free pouring. Switching…from Rooster pouring device to frog…hope this lifts the mood of the room…

I am silently enjoying my wine ūüėČ

Ash eats bread after a tasting…says… “this is the shittiest wine tasting…we are wasting the Sunday. There are tanins I think.”

Pours got bigger x2.

Smell of the wine is amazing. Taste is what I think I love about Sonoma Pinots’.

Ash wants to take intermission to call her clients.

She is calling.

(Background music is Fine Young Cannibals – You Drive Me Crazy).

She decided not to call clients. Making meow noises at Jack. She is concerned about Jack’s health. “Do I drive you crazy,” she asks…

I don’t respond.

We both down our pours.

Pouring 3x bigger.

She is reading the label…”Did you know they only made 16 barrels and it says Members Only.”

(Thug Passion by 2Pac comes on)

She’s singing…I poured her a big glass.

I am loving the taste of the wine.

She thinks there is a hint of soap. She looks over the table at what I am typing.

We cheers…drink the pour.

We both eat a piece of bread from Dahlia bakery (Ficelle Baguette).

She is snapping fingers and dancing in the shoulders (2Pac).

Turn the volume up on 2Pac.

She thinks the wine is very good when you are eating along side of it versus purely drinking the wine.

Ash decides not to go to spin class (FlyWheel).

We are bottom 1/4 of bottle.

(Eyes by Peter Bjorn is now playing)

We are talking about getting the Anderson Vineyard by Pangloss Pinot Noir.

We both agree time flies.

I dare her to take the whole pour…she says she can squirrel pound it…she decides to slowly taste…saying I am pouring myself less…she slams her wine…ahhhhh smiling.

Gets up snapping fingers…

(Bad Kids by Black Lips playing)

She wants to make a children’s book….suggests we should do it together.

I silently agree. And am getting hungry.

5:13pm PST

The last pour is in our glasses.

I think this is a fantastic introduction to Sonoma Pinot Noir. She looks over the laptop and agrees with that sentence. Adds…she loves Chardonnay too – especially from Carneros.

Jacks walks back into the room. She picks him up. She is kissing him…I love you Jack she repeats.

(All Night Long by Fancy – playing)

Ash saying …”I love this song…” playing which is now (Velvet Underground – I’ll be your mirror)

She gets up and is feeding Jack.

Jack seems happy.

She also likes the next song …(Tide is high by Blondie).

As we finish the last pour…she says we should invite someone to join. She really likes the wine, reminds her of Sonoma “we have 10 more bottles…heheh.”

A lite Pinot that goes great while eating something (we both agree).