Greatest summer we have experienced since moving to the city in 2004! If you are a regular visitor to our blog I apologize for not updating theSeattlecook more frequently; however we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming beginning October.

Ash and I have one more small trip planned…we are visiting one of our favorite spots in the world… Kennebunkport, Maine. We visited Kennebunkport during our honeymoon in 2011 and just loved it. I think we got extremely lucky when we visited in 2011 as Kennebunkport has a bustling tourist season which we just missed (mid-September) …the town felt like ours.

Enjoy these last few, days, weeks of summer. We will be back soon.

I have been updating our story through pictures at a secret blog site which I will share one day 😉

Our favorite seasonal/ transitional beer...period!

Our favorite seasonal/ transitional beer…period!