If you love wine and you really want to learn what it takes to know wine; you will love this film. theSeattleCook was invited to a per-screening of this documentary and since Ash was busy I took my Dad <– he enjoys wine.

SOMM is about 4 wine students who obsess, drink and learn everything they can about wine before taking the Master Sommelier course. They (wine students) are a rare breed of crazy, easy going, arrogant and driven in a quest to pass the ultimate test of becoming a Master Sommelier (less than 200) as of filming (you’ll see what happens next 🙂

The movie inspired us to basically drink more wine and maybe one day take the entry level test. How cool would it be to really know more about wine than your friends around you? We started the 365 day wine challenge. So far, I can say we have tasted more wines we do not like versus ones we have…but as a quote in the SOMM movie “our job is to not make picking a wine off a restaurant wine list like playing a game of Russian roulette”…or something like that.