With no real destination in mind, Mark and I set out in his VW to eat an early dinner….and/or find something tasty to bring home.   Oysters have been on Mark’s brain for the past week so we naturally ended up at Taylor Shellfish in Capitol Hill after briefly walking through Melrose Market.

Ash with dinner 😎

We had a couple glasses of white wine and enjoyed a couple dozen oysters- Kumamoto, Olympia, Pacific & Shigoku…a little sample of what is to come at this weekend’s Oyster New Years at Elliott’s.  ***If you have not been to this event, we highly recommend it!  Endless varietals of oysters, oyster appetizers and Washington wine/beer…even an oyster shooter luge!!  Can’t wait :0)

Steamer insert

Still a little hungry, we decided to get a Dungeness crab and bring it home.  Mark desperately wanted to bring it home live and throw it in a pot but I didn’t want to deal with the clean up so we had them clean and wash it.  It weighed just over 3 pounds!!!

Mark with steamed crab (he shaved his beard for Halloween :0)

When I got home, I steamed the crab using a steaming insert and it was PERFECT.  Basically you just fill the bottom of the larger pot with water (about 2 inches), put the insert inside, place the crab in the insert, cover and steam on high heat for about 7-8 minutes per pound.   When the time is up, you can run a little cold water on top of the crab and serve with garlic butter.  YUM!!!

Dungeness crab from Taylor Shellfish