Bacon, Arugula and Tomato Sandwich with Avacado & Bleu Cheese Spread

A classic with a twist! We were really wanting something quick, easy and lite tonight BUT I wasn’t really wanting to go to the store…luckily we had pretty much everything (except bread :0) – kind of key).

Dahlia Bakery is just across the street so I decided to pop over and pick up a loaf. Originally I wanted small baguettes…like what they use for their sammies…but they didn’t have any so I opted for the Olive Ciabatta loaf.

While they were slicing the bread, I started eyeing their spreads and thought that their Bleu Cheese/Feta would be the perfect flavor combo with the bacon and arugula.

YUM- prior to building my creation, I toasted the ciabatta and then at the last minute, Mark requested a soft boiled egg :0)